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DAT Trendlines - Weekly Summary of Spot Market Freight Trends
Jan 17, 2022
Load-to-Truck Ratios Hit Record Highs
Dec 31 - Jan 6 - The combination of extreme weather, plus tightened capacity as a result of the recently implemented ELD mandate, drove rates higher during the first week of 2018. The national average van rate, reefer rate and flatbed rate all moved higher last week. The demand for trucks pushed load-to-truck ratios to record highs, including an all-time record-high of 14.7 loads per truck for vans. Visit DAT Trendlines to see the full report. 

The weekly rate snapshots below reflect national averages for the month to-date, including fuel surcharges. The rates are derived from DAT RateView, trucking's most accurate pricing index.
19¢ Spot Van Rates
The national average van rate rose 19¢ to $2.30 per mile.
More about vans.
10¢ Spot Flatbed Rates
The average flatbed rate increased 10¢ to $2.43 per mile.
 More about flatbeds.
25¢ Spot Reefer Rates
The average reefer rate jumped 25¢ to $2.71 per mile.
 More about reefers.

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